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Special shaped bags, covers & liners

At Philton we pride ourselves on being able to manufacture any size or shape. Using a range of polythene materials such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, bubble films, foil films, nylon barrier films and black conductive films, Philton will be able to offer an innovative solution to your packaging requirements.

By using a variety of Ethylene-based materials, which can contain additives such as VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitors) to protect against rusting, UVI (ultra violet inhibitors) to protect against ultra-violet light, flame retardants, anti-static / conductive polymers or EVA's, Philton are able to manufacture specialised bags, covers and liners to address unique packaging problems.

UVI Covers

UVI Covers protecting paintwork from sunlight.

Sealed Cubicles

Sealed Cubicles. Airtight containment for product testing.

Our special range of products includes box type covers, shaped bags and liners (single or multi-layer) with a variety of attachments such as funnels, spouts, draw strings, zips and elasticated hems.

Shaped Liners

Shaped liner with twin spouts.

Please call to discuss your requirements and allow Philton to work with you to provide a solution to protect your product.

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