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ISO Dry Bulk Container Liners - ISOLINERS®

Our container liners (Isoliners®) are manufactured from virgin food-grade co-extruded P.E. (polythene) film or from coated woven P.P. (Polypropylene).

The liners can be produced to suit all specifications of containers, including wide width and high cube containers. Attachments can be added or styled to suit individual requirements.

Isoliners are used worldwide to ship raw materials such as polymers, granulated products, chemicals, grains, cereals, hides and a wide range of powders. The liners are easy to install, fill and discharge. Some of the varieties of loading, hanging, retention and discharge systems are shown on this page.

Philton lead the field in offering innovative solutions to the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Liners are manufactured from food grade multi-layered polythene and specialised films such as black conductive, antistatic, barrier or high heat films, or as an alternative, woven polypropylene.

Our reputation has been enhanced by our Research and Development programme which has brought many new innovations, including our patented airbag system, shaped discharge spouts, new stronger raw materials and technical designs of liner to carry and discharge products that had previously been considered too difficult to carry in bulk containers.


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