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Container Owners Association TUD
Philton is an Associate Member of the COA Philton completed the Rail impact test at TÜV SÜD - Germany on 26.11.2009.
The report no. CFRT0004 is held by the COA and available to shipping lines to view the results.

Flexitanks & Liquid Bulk Tanks for Shipping

PPC have been manufacturing liquid bulk tanks, known as 'Flexitanks' since 2000. We offer a unique design and manufacturing service and can tailor our products to meet our customers' specific requirements.

Bulk Liquid FlexitankWe manufacture our Bulk Liquid Flexitanks for a wide range of non-hazardous industrial and food grade liquids.

Flexitanks can be supplied via our UK plant or our plant in the Far East which manufactures a similar range of products. Both sites were amongst the first in the world to gain ISO9001 quality accreditation for manufacturing these products.

Liquid Bulk Flexitank Options

Bulk Liquid FlexitankWe are able to produce Flexitanks to virtually any size, only restricted by the cubic capacity / weight agreed in the Flexitank manufacturing standard PAS1008, or weight restrictions currently applicable in a specific country.

Flexitanks can be manufactured to facilitate either top or bottom loading using a simple valve system: Or can be supplied with a fully integrated hose assembly.

The flexitanks can be made in Single Ply or Multi Ply versions.

Bulk Liquid FlexitanksWe are able to provide a number of different bulkhead configurations using Steel bars combined with a plastic sheet or water resistant board bulkhead.

Barrier films, developed in conjunction with our suppliers are extensively tested (and considered by the industry to be amongst the best available) and can be incorporated into the flexitank to protect the product from adverse conditions such as moisture and Oxygen degradation.

Discharging aids such as Heater pad systems are also manufactured by Phiton and used for products that become very viscous or solidify when cooled.

Flexitank Valves & Fittings

Valves and Fittings3" BSP Female Glands are welded to our Flexitanks as standard. However we can incorporate 2", 4" and 6" fittings upon request. A variety of standard Hose Assemblies and valves are available, most of which are carried in stock at both plants.

Air venting systems are also available.

Quality & Testing of Flexitanks

All liquid bulk Flexitanks are made in accordance with our detailed ISO9001 Quality Assurance Procedures, on our highly automated production line, which ensures both product consistency as well as security. All Flexitanks are produced using a seamless tube of film specifically developed for bulk liquid transportation. End welds are also pressure tested to guarantee compliance.

FlexitanksAll contact layers are 100% food grade and approved by regulatory bodies such as the F.D.A.

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